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Cleanse with Friends

Fall is the perfect time to reset your health habits, clear out accumulated inflammation, and improve your immunity. We cleanse to feel our best.

Join now and start anytime between
September 18 - October 3

Find a time in your schedule where you can commit to being a bit quieter for a little bit.

Then choose your start date: I am here to support you  between September 18 - October 23

I'll provide the framework for how to cleanse. It's up to you to take as much or as little as you need from this experience.

I am here to guide you to feeling your best as we transition into the fall season. This is your experience on your own terms. 

Why Cleanse with Friends?

You change the oil your car. You clean your home. You switch out your clothes for the seasons. But do you clear the slate inside of your body regularly? If not then you are missing an opportunity to maximize your health and wellbeing.

Our culture is all about the go go go. We go from summer fun right into holiday mania and so it makes sense if you've never done a fall cleanse before. But the months of September and October are ideal for removing accumulated excess heat of summer's long days so that you can glide smoothy into the shorter, cooler days of winter.

When you cleanse with friends, you take time to honor your nature as it aligns with Mother Nature. This keeps you circadian rhythms in order (you sleep better), clears your GI tract of undigested foodstuffs (fewer belly aches + stronger digestion), and improves our immunity (who doesn't love that?!).

This is a community for my fall cleanse. We are here to realign with the cycles of nature, release heat from the summer, and prepare for fall and winter. Ayurveda and yoga will provide the philosophical and practical framework for tapping back into the wisdom of our bodies.

Week 1: Pre-Cleanse with an elimination diet and some self-observation.

Week 2: Cleanse with a deeply nourishing menu and daily routines (oh and plenty of sleep).

Week 3: Rejuvenation with an intelligently planned menu and restorative daily routines.

Take advantage of the 2-for-1 deal. 

Either gift this experience to a friend or go in 50/50. It's your choice.

Why invite a friend?
  • Built in accountability 
  • Built in support
  • Built in community

What if I want to do a solo cleanse?

Excellent! The first cleanse I did was quietly and by myself too. I highly recommend this option if you are really looking to slow down, go within, and find peace with yourself. This is a really beautiful solo experience and I've made a 50% off pricing option just for this.

Cleansing is worth it.

Want to clear your slate?

21 Days to Clear the Slate

jessica rousseau

Jessica Rousseau is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and yoga teacher with over 10 years of practice. 

She stepped on her mat in 2009 and never left. In 2011 she discovered the healing power of Ayurveda and in 2019 completed her 750 hour training to become an AHC.

Her years on the mat, in the kitchen, and growing babies has led her to create a safe haven for mamas who want to feel good in their own skin. If you're not already a part of her free Nourished Mama community, please join here!

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