Yoga for Travel

Feel good. Even after hours of travel. 2 videos take less than 20 minutes!

Course Summary

These 2 classes work in conjunction to help you feel fresh and ready to go after a time of travel. Whether you're driving a couple of hours in the car or on a long plane ride, these tips will help you to set off feeling free.

Both classes take less than 20 minutes total.
You have 6 days to practice with this content!

Course Curriculum

jessica rousseau

Jessica Rousseau is an Ayurvedic Health Counselor and yoga teacher with over 10 years of practice. 

She stepped on her mat in 2009 and never left. In 2011 she discovered the healing power of Ayurveda and in 2019 completed her 750 hour training to become an AHC.

Her years on the mat, in the kitchen, and growing babies has led her to create a safe haven for mamas who want to feel good in their own skin. If you're not already a part of her free Nourished Mama community, please join here!

You gave me a lot to think about and try tomorrow, when we are driving to Tennessee. Thanks so much. You da BEST! - Becky, transportation professional

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